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SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER!! —“I don’t know where we left our brains…?!”

February 12, 2013 Leave a comment

My friends, this is really important!! Maybe you have already heard about Dr. Ben Carlson and his amazing and courageous speech in front of President Obama at the Prayer Breakfast last Friday. This event has made many headlines. But whether you have or have not heard about this, it still bears repeating many times.

As you may know, according to my political views—well you know my political views if you have perused this blog at all—I am very partisan; I definitely feel that those that are currently in power in our nation, and their ilk, and there ideas are currently the reasons for the bulk of the problems with our nation today. But, stay with me now, Dr. Carson, WITHOUT BEING particularly PARTISAN has really spoken TRUTH at this Prayer Breakfast please see these videos below.

I know this one above is almost a half an hour. If you are pressed for time at this moment start at 17:50, but be sure to come back later. Near the beginning Dr. Carson talks very succinctly about the problems with Political Correctness. So you will have missed that if you are in a hurry and take my advice. But I really feel that the essence of his message starts at 17:50. Also just like Eric Metaxas did last year Dr. Carson appropriately mixes humor throughout his speech. (see my post about Eric Metaxas by clicking here)

This man, Dr Ben Carson has an amazing story. Cuba Gooding Jr. played Dr. Ben Carson in a movie detailing his remarkable life story, click here for that movie. Below is a picture of him receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George W. Bush in 2008. This is the highest civilian award in the United States. 

Below is another must see video 🙂 which is an interview where he talks about why he felt led to give that speech at the Prayer Breakfast. My hope is that you will watch this video as well as the one above in its entirety. Also my hope is that you will feel compelled to share this post with others.

Let’s get our brains back on people…




Trailer for the Story of Dr. Ben Carson’s life:

Carson Scholarship Fund:


“Lord, make me popular.”

November 20, 2012 Leave a comment

by Phil Vischer
November 18, 2012

I listened this morning to a TV sermon from a popular TV preacher.

“Sermon” may be the wrong term. It was a motivational talk about the power of positive thinking. It could have been given by Mary Lou Retton to a ballroom full of industrial lubricant salespeople. There were biblical references, but they were for the purpose of illustration, not exposition. Christ had nothing to do with the message. Positive life change comes from replacing negative messages with positive ones. The preacher inadvertently almost quoted exactly Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live – “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough…”

It was a helpful message. People applauded. They were encouraged. What it wasn’t, was Christian. It wasn’t Christianity. Life change in Christianity doesn’t come from positive thinking. It doesn’t come from thinking more highly of yourself. Or replacing negative messages with positive ones. It comes from dying to yourself and being reborn in Christ. A new creation.

Here’s a thought:

Christian mass communicators often resort to self-help motivation over actual Christian teaching because it is easier to communicate, and, in fact, it gets results. People’s lives ARE improved – on a mass scale. There wouldn’t be a self-help industry if self-help didn’t work. There wouldn’t be an Oprah if self-help didn’t work.

The problem is, what they’re teaching isn’t Christianity. Even when sprinkled liberally with Bible references. Christianity starts with dying to one’s self, not thinking more positive thoughts about one’s self. But that’s harder to teach through mass media. It is not a particularly appealing message. It’s countercultural. And it doesn’t initially sound like what we want. We want to achieve our dreams – not die to them. Not give them up. We want to “increase,” not “decrease.” We don’t actually want to follow Jesus. We want Jesus to follow us – to pick up after us – clean up our messes with his Jesus superpowers.

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