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On Debt and Alcoholism

October 16, 2013 Leave a comment
This comic is very good summary of the ridiculousness going on in our government. I weep for our country. Our country’s government, like many governments in our world continually chooses actions that prove the utter fallen nature of the human condition. I wish that, at least sometimes, when it really counted, “substance” would prevail in the “style over substance” equation or cliché. 

Raising the debt limit to solve the nation’s financial problems is like raising acceptable blood alcohol levels to solve alcoholism.
It’s ridiculous.
Would providing more credit cards with more available money to a compulsive shopper resolve that compulsive behavior?
Our government has a spending problem. Making more money available to a government that is a compulsive spender is not the solution to the problem.
When do we stop putting band aids on this wound and deal with the source of the problem?

Aside from the confusion, the notion that Conservatives should raise the debt ceiling without exacting some concessions goes against years of conservative orthodoxy. That’s because one thing true Conservatives agree on is that debt is a problem — and that fixing it will require entitlement reform or spending cuts.

At least 20 times since the Eisenhower Administration, Congress has used the debt limit as an opportunity for policy reforms. This includes the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings reforms, the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, the Congressional Review Act in 1996, and (most recently) the Budget Control Act in 2011.

Historically, Republicans thought the only way to get Democrats to agree to fix the debt problem would be to utilize the moment of maximum leverage — which is the debt ceiling increase. “That’s the moment when even liberal presidents like Barack Obama know they can’t play chicken,” says one Republican Senate aide.
I believe that Republican aide was WRONG.

All kinds of games are being played in this deal at the expense of the American people.

Here is the latest info on on what’s happening on this issue. This part of the article will be updated as events unfold.

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