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October 30, 2012 Leave a comment

I think that I am going to explode and blow up at someone if I ever hear another person falsely complain about FOX News not being reliable because they are biased and in the tank for the Right. In fact the opposite is true. What I mean by that, is that all the other mainstream news sources are clearly in the tank for the Left and are becoming more and more unreliable. Let’s compare media coverage of a number of  families. Cindy Sheehan; grieving mother of U.S. Army Specialist Casey Sheehan killed in action in Iraq during President George W. Bush’s term and now compare Ms. Sheehan to the families, today, of four dead Americans, Ambassador Chris Stevens and one of his staff members, Sean Smith, and former Navy Seals, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty all of whom recently killed by Al Qaida in Benghazi, Libya.

I mean no disrespect to the Sheahans in this post but Cindy Sheehan was not only a grieving mother but she was understandably also very angry with President Bush. Also of note, she was left-leaning in her views and, like most of the left, called into question the existence of Hussein’s weapons of  mass destruction (WMDs) and the reason why Bush had our troops in harm’s way in Iraq. We constantly heard from the mainstream media, “Bush lied and people died.” However, President Bush was clearly in the right. The CIA and British Intelligence and all intelligence agencies throughout the globe all concluded that Hussein had WMDs and that he was very dangerous, especially to the rest of that region. In fact that question of whether or not Hussein had WMDs is still not definitively answered. But even if you disagree with that, fine, put that aside for the moment. Recall the behavior of the mainstream media (MSM) at that time they literally followed Cindy Sheehan everywhere telling her story at any chance they could hoping, and really, really hoping that they could destroy the Bush presidency and prove him to be without honor and integrity. The left- biased MSM even wanted Cindy Sheehan to run for congress!! They failed, but it was not for lack of trying and trying again. However, they could not show the American public that Bush lied or that he was part of a cover-up or that he lacked honor and integrity.

Now compare that to today!! to the Benghazi Scandal cover-up of today! If you don’t know about the Benghazi Scandal and cover-up, I am not surprised, click here and see the stories and videos that that page references. Especially hear the voices from the families of dead American heroes today. Let’s make sure those voices are heard at least as much as Cindy Sheehan was heard during the Bush years. Clearly, and yes it is very clear, that Obama lied and now he and his whole administration are very actively covering up as best they can. They are getting a lot of help from the MSM! The media coverage of the tragic big storm on the east coast is also helping to distract the attention of the American public for now, and rightly so. But it is clear that the MSM for the past almost two months have been running defense and even helping to perpetuate the lies. Lies such as the attack was due to a mob reaction to a anti-Muslim you tube video or “We didn’t have enough information to give the go-ahead to send in re-enforcement.” You really need to make sure you click here and see that the Obama administration and the MSM lied through their teeth. And still they refuse to correctly report the truth and continually refuse to ask Obama questions that must be asked. Also we are hearing minimal reports from or anything about the families of these four dead American heroes.

This is clearly a big fat cover-up. This scandal is far worse than Watergate, no one died in that scandal. Yet Watergate destroyed a presidency. But the Obama presidency, thanks to the MSM, apparently is safe, at least for the moment. Unfortunately, the Woodwards and Bernstiens of the world only watch for a conservative politician to screw up and they always give a blind eye to the left. Obama and his administration are behaving far worse than the Nixon presidency and far, far worse than the Bush presidency yet the MSM are so in the tank for the left, hoping, above all that Romney will not defeat Obama in next week’s election.

They have put politics above honor and integrity and have stooped to corruption to get their way. “Cover-up” is too good of a term, this is truly evil.

It is my hope that not only Romney wins next week but that in the near future there will be serious hearings. And not just the Obama administration but the MSM will be called to answer for their outrageous, egregious behavior. I will continue to support FOX News, talk radio and other alternative news sources. I told my kids this morning that my personal social media sites are doing a better job at informing the public than the New York Times or CNN.


FULL Interview Mom Has Son Killed in Benghazi Attack

October 11, 2012 Leave a comment

FULL Interview Mom Has Son Killed in Benghazi Attack: “I Don’t Trust You [Obama] Anymore!”

This is very disturbing. This was never really about an obscure movie posted on YouTube or about a spontaneous attack or riot because of that movie. This is about a premeditated, planned terrorist attack, planned for 9/11/2012, the anniversary of the worst attack on American soil. But now more importantly this is now about why the Obama administration is lying about this or covering something up or both. Who told Ambassador Rice, Jay Carney and other Obama lackeys to say that this tragedy was because of this obscure YouTube video?

Click Here for more.

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