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Why Trump Really Really Had to Win

I know that I have upset many people especially on Facebook (and maybe somewhat on Twitter)  because I am so politically vocal. Since when is it such a crime to love your adoptive county so much that you want to do everything possible to make sure that we don’t elect people that want to continually change it rather than try and make it great again. No doubt I also make people furious when I keep saying over and over that we really dodged a bullet, more like a nuclear bomb-sized bullet on that day. But I really feel this is very true. Consider where we were just before election day. Hillary was either going to be our new president or she would be in the position of needing a blanket presidential pardon, as Rev. Jessie Jackson and other people are suggesting today (see article http://www.freep.com/…/jesse-jackson-obama-pardon…/93979554/ ). I mean really think about it!! For Hillary, before election day there was a possibility of her either moving back to the Whitehouse or the possibility of her going to prison. This is why this is so incredibly historical! When were we ever, as a county on the cusp of something so profound, or more appropriately I should say, so profoundly strange?!?

I find it incredible how the lunatic lefties and Hillary’s supporters, half the county, that voted for her actually insisted that she was not guilty of any of the many charges she faced recently, not to mention all the many, many charges and scandals she has somehow eluded over the past 30 years. Yet now, some of these same people are suggesting that President Obama give her a blanket pardon, similar to what President Ford did for President Nixon. Why?!? Why would she need a pardon at all if she is innocent?? It is unfathomable that we find ourselves in this predicament. This is why I thank God daily that Trump won and Hillary lost. Mind you, in the future there may be some things that President Trump will do that I may not agree with but it is infinitely better that Trump won and Hillary lost. This is why I don’t listen to you anymore, Glenn Beck and why I have absolutely no respect for the so called Never-Trumpers on the right, especially the Never-Trumpers that are in the Conservative Media. If Hillary had won the horrible things she would have brought about such as an aggressively leftist supreme court, the ever rising taxes, the ever growing oligarchic government, the ever expanding, job-killing Obamacare, the continual job-creating companies moving to other countries, the growing deficit, our role on the world stage continually being diminished as she wheels and deals with bad international parties, selling out of the highest office in exchange for millions and billions being laundered and funneled to the Clinton Foundation, all of this would have been squarely on the heads of the Never-Trumpers on the right.17424865_10211793146325323_5605251359146153397_n


When you really think about it. It was a genuine miracle that Trump actually won. Not only did he have to battle with Hillary, the entire Democrat party was unified in defeating him. Also, all the mainstream media and all of Hollywood all of the press and even half of his own party, the Republicans were fighting him. Yet despite all of that he still won. And ironically I don’t think anyone but Trump would have been able to win. No one else could defeat Hillary. Because of his character and his celebrity and especially his not willing to let the left get away with the constant attacks. It seems that the traditional politicians that the Republican party have thrown at us, people like Mitt Romney John McCain and Bob Dole, they seem to be merely very, very nice and mild mannered people and be perfectly composed, not willing to battle with the constant accusations from the left. There lukewarm, mild mannered mannerisms seemed to have only received the same reactions from voters on the right, and led to many staying home or not voting or not voting correctly, and believing some of the things the mainstream media told them. Trump won because he was able to fire up the voters on the right with his ant-establishment drain-the-swamp message. Also his America-first message and his willing to protect jobs and the many American workers. Also his lets-reduce-our-debt and lets-make-better-international-deals messages hit home for many people. I am sure pundits will be analyzing this election for a long time. We might even see a new phrase coming up that of “Trump-Democrats” to replace the term “Reagan-Democrats.” When I was at a Trump rally here in Minnesota I saw a homemade sign that read “Democrats for Trump.”

So I vehemently disagree with Rev. Jesse Jackson. I pray and I hope that she does not get a pardon and that she will be charged. I say this not because I am mean or that I don’t want to see a healing in our country. I say this because I want the Clintons’ and Democrat party’s reprehensible actions to be exposed to the American people, to really see how close we got to mayhem and how close we got to a Banana Republic, that we really did dodge a nuclear-bomb-sized bullet. Unbelievable that Trump was so ridiculed when he suggested the system was rigged when we had just witnessed the truth that was revealed just weeks before that the Democrat Party rigged their own primary election. Everything was rigged so that Hillary would surely defeat Bernie Sanders. Yet in the Republican Primary Trump won fair and square defeating 16 opponents and getting the most presidential primary votes ever. I hope that the Democrat Party and their mindset will be marginalized. I feel strongly that the Republican Party needs a new opposition party. I would love it if the official opposition party was more right than the Republican Party like the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party. But I digress. I know that is extreme wishful thinking on my part.

Anyway, to help continually marginalize the Clintons and the Democrat Party I hope that more and more people see “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democrat Party” or read the book. And for that matter Dinesh D’Souza’s other works need to be experienced by more and more people as well, Especially, “America, Imagine the World Without Her” and “2016: Obama’s America.” #HillarysAmerica #AmericaTheMovie #ObamasAmerica
Also more people need to see and/or read Peter Schweizer’s “Clinton Cash” as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LYRUOd_QoM #ClintonCash

I still can’t believe that the Democrat Party’s top two (out of only three total!) contenders for their presidential nominee was between a proven criminal and a fervent socialist (Sorry Bernie but a “Democratic Socialists” is still just a Socialist), for this reason alone is reason enough that today’s Democrat Party must be marginalized.

So, I am sorry if you are tired of my posts. I am done with this post for now. I really wish people would understand how important it was that Trump won.15027985_10210570931530717_2897513813831856101_n

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