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When Liberals Are Pro-War [Pro-War Liberals?…huh??]

Un-freaking-believable. I cannot believe that these same people who went on and on with their vitriolic hatred and continuing harassment toward President George W. Bush for being a war-monger for going into Iraq and taking on Saddam Huissien, these same liberals are now banging the war drum themselves and want us to get involved in the Syrian civil war. I guess this is just another example of #LiberalLogic . Truth is our Nobel-peace-prize-winning President Obama has gone to war more than Bush. Also, unlike Obama, Bush had always first sought congressional approval for war and was also much better at rallying support from our allies.

More Liberal Logic: Our Secretary of State, John Kerry, who in 1971 actually led a group of Vietnam vets in protest and discarded and threw their medals and ribbons on the white house lawn because they were so disgusted with war, is now leading the charge to send bombs to help the rebels in Syria. I know that these liberals are saying that we are just going to aid the rebels with a few strategic missile strikes and that there will be no boots on the ground. But come on, who here thinks it will only end with just that?

Check out this excellent article from the National Review Online.

When Liberals Are Pro-War

By  Veronique de Rugy September 4, 2013 11:34 AM

For this libertarian, the debate over the war in Syria has made one thing very clear: The proponents of war are not necessarily who you think they are, and they are certainly not always Republican. For instance, when it comes to the war in Syria, the conservative Heritage Action is more pacifist than our Nobel Peace Prize–winning president:

“Heritage Action is opposed to punitive missile strikes on the Syrian regime. Yesterday’s hearing made it clear there is not a vital U.S. interest at stake,” said Heritage Action spokesman Dan Holler. “Further, there is not a clear, achievable, realistic purpose to the use of force being contemplated by the Obama administration and officials offered little evidence such action would prevent further abuses.”

The president may be the only Nobel Peace Prize winner with a secret kill list, but he isn’t the only liberal on the side of war right now…

[…read the rest of the article at NationalReviewOnline.com…]


Also CLICK HERE to see who exactly the current war-mongering Democrats and some Republicans in the House and Senate are asking us to side with and support

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